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How to Avoid Getting a Pig In a Poke If Getting Acquainted Online

How do modern people get acquainted nowadays? All the possibilities are now used so that to find someone to build a relationship with or to spend a pleasant time together. More and more people give preference to online dating and get to know each other on the web. One may use a dating site or social networks with this purpose.

Utilizing the Internet at the initial stage of starting a relationship has both pros and cons. The most important benefits include the possibility to get acquainted with a person you have liked, no matter where he/she lives. Besides, one may chat and communicate whenever it is convenient.

Disadvantages of Web Acquaintances

Like everything these days, online dating has got also some flaws that should be considered before a person decides to entrust his/her own fate to the worldwide network. They are:

  • You can meet someone you really like and who lives on the other continent. There is a romantic component in such long-distance relationships, however, not every person can afford traveling so far.
  • When you communicate with someone online, you cannot be sure if this person is honest and tells everything about oneself. What if he/she looks completely different, is married or even in prison? The risk of being cheated exists even if a person uses a paid dating platform.

Thus, the most important question is how to use the benefits of up-to-date means of communication for dating and not to be disappointed or scammed. In general, the main rule is to be cautious and not to trust people you meet online. In such a case, meeting someone on the Internet is impossible. Thus, follow the below recommendations to stay on the safe side and to be discontented.

  1. Carefully study the profile of a person you like. If the information there is untrue, it is possible to catch him/her on this lie. If data there is insufficient to understand the personality, this is the reason to doubt.
  2. Ask as many questions as possible. Though it is important to keep the balance between interest and police interrogation. Do not frighten a potential date with so many queries.
  3. Ask to arrange a video call. If your interlocutor has nothing to hide, he/she will agree. If not, well, it is good that you have revealed the truth out now.
  4. If you can, try becoming online friends with a person before meeting. In such a way, you will know the personality you will meet. Just be sure to let your interlocutor clearly understand your intentions. It is unlikely that you would like to be a friend only.

The above safety precautions may help you avoid the disappointment of meeting a person different from the one you have imagined while communicating online.

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